From MAKE: New in the Maker Shed: Alpha Particle Detecting Geiger Counter Kit

Why spend $400+ on a Geiger Counter when you can build your own for a fraction of the price? This new Geiger Counter Kit, available in the Maker Shed, was featured in MAKE: Volume 29 and is able to detect α(alpha), β(beta) and γ(gamma) radiation using the included GMT-01 tube. The simple to build kit can be soldered together in a few hours and is designed to be reliable and long lasting. When complete, the Geiger counter will output a click and flash an LED each time a radioactive particle is detected. The unit has two digital TTL logic pulse outputs that allow connection to a number of accessory instruments such as a a data logger, Digital Meter, or RS-232 adapter for connection to a PC (none included.)


  • GMT-01 tube detects α(alpha) β(beta) and γ(gamma) radiation
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Flashing LED and audio clicker alert you to detected radiation.
  • Robust circuit design
  • 9V battery not included


from MAKE

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