Adventures of Agent XYZ

My kids started requesting bedtime stories and so I complied.  I made up a story about a futuristic agent named XYZ.  I hope to create decent stories but it was mainly for my audience of two and done impromptu.  Add my accent and it’s not the best but it’s original at least…

Agent XYZ catches ABC Brothers – Agent XYZ catches ABC brothers

Duke of Gold – Duke of gold

Super Rex and His Demolition – Super Rex and his demolition

The Chase of the I-Man – The Chase of the I-Man

Captin Nimo and the Octopus Submarine – Captain Nimo and his Octopus Submarine

AeroJoe – AeroJoe

Digger Doug Got Dug – DiggerDoug Got Dug

The Big Breakout – The Big Breakout


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