Ignore IQ Tests: Your Level of Intelligence Is Not Fixed for Life

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We’re getting more stupid. That’s one point made in a recent article in the New Scientist, reporting on a gradual decline in IQs in developed countries such as the UK, Australia and the Netherlands. Such research feeds into a long-held fascination with testing human intelligence. Yet such debates are too focused on IQ as a lifelong trait that can’t be changed. Other research is beginning to show the opposite.
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Why Amazon’s $1B Twitch Buy Makes More Sense Than Its Fire Phone

Amazon wants to own all your screens. That’s why it sells Kindle tablets, the Fire phone, and the Fire TV set top box. And it’s why the company just inked a nearly $1 billion deal to Twitch, a company that lets people broadcast their videogame play over the net. As random as the Twitch buy […]

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Sleepy Teens: High School Should Start Later in the Morning

High school begins across the U.S. this week and next. And it begins too early! Too early in the day, that is. Ask any groggy teenager waiting for a bus or yawning in "home room" and he or she will…

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