Qatar Pays Migrant Workers $1 an Hour To Be Fake Sports Fans

Qatar Pays Migrant Workers $1 an Hour To Be Fake Sports Fans

The life of most migrant workers in Qatar is bleak—so bleak, it’s a human rights violation
. The latest report from Doha reveals a new twist in the sad story. When they’re not toiling away
at building stadiums for the 2022 World Cup, many workers are being paid impossibly small wages to be fake sports fans. It doesn’t sound fun, either.

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Double amputee controls two robotic arms with his mind

Here’s one other DARPA-funded robotic limb controlled by thoughts alone — actually make that two, because Colorado man Les Baugh had two bionic arms attached from shoulder level. Baugh got them this summer, 40 years after losing both arms, as part o…

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3D Printing Brings Schooling Home

uselectoralmapThere are two means of incorporating 3D printing into a homeschool plan. One, of course, is by getting a 3D printer for your home. (More on that later.) A simpler means is through a veritable wealth of amazing pre-made models to be found by the clever makers who post on […]

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Is Hair Dye a Health Hazard?

In the mid-1800s, English chemist William Henry Perkin serendipitously synthesized the first non-natural dye: starting with coal tar, he was hoping to produce the malaria drug quinine but instead created mauve. His discovery revolutionized the textile industry and launched the petrochemical industry. Natural dyes just didn’t have the staying power and vivid colors of the dye Perkin created. Never before had such a steadfast dye been found.
Soon after, August Hofmann (Perkin’s chemistry prof

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The SpeechTrans Wristband Watch conquers language barriers

When you’re learning a language, it can be difficult to remember all the words and grammatical points. If you’re in a country and trying the immersion method of learning the native tongue, then you likely have a language dictionary on hand. Of course, it can take a while to flip through the pages and find the one or two words that you need to carry on conversation. If you wish …

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