10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Kindle Master

The Kindle e-reader
has been with us in one form or another since 2007, and it’s still going strong. It’s a super simple device, and for most people, that’s a huge part of its appeal. But don’t let its simplicity fool you into thinking there aren’t any interesting tweaks you can make to your beloved e-reader. Here are 10 of our favorite Kindle tweaks that make reading anywhere even easier.

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Apple’s Original Programming Isn’t Very Original

Apple’s first big “original” content announcement was the upcoming new
original series
Planet of the Apps. Now, Apple is snatching up “Carpool Karaoke,” the creative work of James Corden and The Late Late Show, to become a new 16-episode weekly Apple Music exclusive.

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Tesla Model S In Fatal Autopilot Crash Was Going 74 MPH In A 65 Zone: Feds

The initial report from the National Transportation Safety Board released today revealed that the driver in the fatal Tesla Model S crash in Florida in May was driving in Autopilot over the speed limit during the time of the incident. The report has some other new details about the wreck, but not many.

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Build Your Own Fighting Robot Without Any Electronics Skills

With BattleBots back on TV, you’ve probably got a lot of armchair opinions on how to build a bot that would easily win the tournament. The only problem is your complete lack of electronics and engineering know-how. With the Ganker robot, you don’t even need to know how to solder to build, customize, and battle your own creation.

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Robotic exoskeleton for babies can help prevent cerebral palsy

University of Oklahoma’s robotic exoskeleton for babies does two things: (1) make the kiddos look like tiny Dr. Octopuses and (2) help prevent cerebral palsy. The motorized device has power steering that gives babies at risk of the illness a little push needed to be able to move and crawl like their peers can. See, the condition can be caused brain damage, infections and injuries early in a person’s life. To combat the illness, therapy must start as early as possible — unfortunately, it’s not typically diagnosed until a child turns one year old.

The good news is that one of this team’s original members developed a method to detect which babies between two and eight months old are most likely to develop cerebral palsy. Since children at risk of the disease can’t move their bodies the way they want to, they stop trying to crawl after a while, causing the brain to stop developing new motor skills. This machine provides the push they need to crawl normally, promoting brain growth and the formation of motor skills.

The team has been developing this exoskeleton for a while now, but they admit that there’s still much to be done before it’s ready. According to IEEE, they’ve only just begun a large trial comprised of 56 infants and are the midst of collecting real-time brain activity data through the baby Dr. Octopuses’ EEG caps.

Source: IEEE

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Watch SpaceX test fire one of the Falcon 9 rockets it relanded

SpaceX is getting ready to launch one of the rockets it relanded to prove they’re truly reusable. In fact, it just finished test firing one of them at its Texas development facility. The first-stage booster burned for a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the full duration for a single stage flight, on Thursday night. According to NASA Spaceflight, the booster looked like it was in great shape after the test upon initial evaluation, which bodes well for the company’s plans.

If you’re wondering which Falcon 9 was test fired, it was the one that ferried the JCSAT communications satellite to orbit back in May. SpaceX didn’t use the first rocket it ever relanded (on solid ground), because Elon Musk sees is as a museum piece. The company didn’t use the first rocket that successfully touched down on a barge either, because it’s too valuable: that’s the one the company wants to send back to space.

Source: SpaceX (YouTube)

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