Oculus Rift helps terminally ill woman take one last stroll in the sun

A terminally ill woman has reminded us of the limitless potential for devices like the Oculus Rift beyond just gaming and entertainment. After Roberta Firstenberg’s cancer treatments failed last year, she was told she had just a few months to live….

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Toyota Has A Tron Bike

I have made this comparison before, and perhaps will again, but, damnit, this is a Tron bike, right? That is, inarguably, what this is.

The FV2 is a concept motorcycle from Toyota, set up only a little ostentatiously at the New York Auto Show. Instead of a steering wheel, the cycle turns when a driver leans into a curve. Instead of tires, it has flashing UFO discs. 

And it’ll probably never hit the road. The plans for it are—we’ll say ambitious. The cycle would learn about traffic ahead of jams, and give the driver the data through an augmented reality windshield. The cycle, according to Toyota, would eventually use facial recognition and heart monitoring to determine a driver’s mood, and track usual destinations to help the driver get where they’re going faster. 

It’s likely more a sort of automotive think-piece than a real plan for a manufacturable vehicle. But, we can dream. 

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Streem Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage and Streaming for $20/Month

Streem Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage and Streaming for $20/Month

If you use cloud storage not just for your files, but also for music, movies, and other content, Streem is a new service that specializes in both, and is offering unlimited storage for all of your files and media for $20/month. They even have desktop and mobile apps and play nice across platforms.

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