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From Geeks are Sexy Technology News: How Your Pee Can Help Save the Environment

The challenge to reduce carbon emissions rages on (despite those who “don’t believe” in global warming). According to Manuel Jiménez Aguilar, an answer may lie in our urine. In a study he published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials, Aguilar explains that urea results … Continue reading

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From Discover Magazine: The trash index | Gene Expression

I heard about the chart above on Marketplace. Track enough variables, and you’ll find some which correlate well with GDP…until they don’t. So this is a neat story, but is it true? Well, I do accept the underlying logic here. … Continue reading

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From Autoblog: Study: U.S. has fewer cars per person than Europe, but still uses twice as much energy

Filed under: Car Buying, Europe Here’s a shocking statistic: The United States has fewer cars per capita than Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and 16 other countries. Even more dramatic is one of the potential causes: … Continue reading

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From Ars Technica: Wind accounts for one-third of new energy-generating capacity in US

Enlarge / Wind and gas have dominated recent additions to the US generating capacity. DOE In 2011, roughly one-third of the new generating capacity installed within the US was in the form of wind turbines, according to a new report … Continue reading

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From Ars Technica: Putting the brakes on climate change with… diamonds?

Enlarge / The planet has done its own geoengineering experiments that suggest the technique could cool the globe. USGS As the emissions of carbon dioxide have continued largely unabated over the past decade, a number of people have given thought … Continue reading

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From News: How Hot Was It? July Was Warmest Month On Record For U.S.

There’s never been a hotter month in records going back to 1895. The average temperature across the lower 48 states was 77.6 degrees.   from News

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From Latest Items from TreeHugger: Airbus Could Reduce Plane Fuel Consumption 15% with Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The idea is to take a load off the plane’s engines by powering non-propulsion systems – basically everything that run on electricity in the plane, light the entertainment electronics avionics, lights, etc – with a fuel cell rather than with … Continue reading

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