From Ars Technica: Parcel Gamer wants to share used game profits with publishers

While I think this could save the used games market, I also shudder at the thought that the game publishers will effectively get paid more than once if this happened… I’m torn…

At the heart of the great used game debate are legitimate fears—on both sides of the divide. Gamers are worried about their right to buy and sell games they legally bought without technological hindrance or lost content. Publishers are afraid new game sales are unsustainable when cheaper, functionally identical used versions are available mere days after release. Meanwhile, major retailer GameStop rakes in what’s estimated to be billions of dollars from the used game market.

Is there a better way? Mike Kennedy seems to think so. He’s setting up a new used game trading site called Parcel Gamer that he thinks can satisfy both publishers and gamers,  while also undercutting GameStop’s high-margin business model.

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from Ars Technica

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