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Grunting of a Smalltime Seller

Erg… That’s how I feel right now… I sell stuff from time to time.  After I upgraded from my Note 4, I sold it off on eBay.  Other gadgets and stuff that’s sitting around, I try to recoop some cost.  … Continue reading

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From The Blind Cook – Sightless adventures of gastronomical proportions: thoughts on winning masterchef usa 2012

*WARNING: This is a long entry so apologies in advance. First, to address the question everyone’s been asking: my cookbook is slated to hit bookshelves in the spring; I’ve only recently met with the editor and publishing house, and conceptualization … Continue reading

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From DailyTech Main News Feed: U.S. Patent System is Broken, Declares Judge in Android v. Apple Cases

Veteran Judge Posner says “animals” like Apple are just exploiting the weapons an ineffectual gov’t has created from DailyTech Main News Feed

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From Ars Technica: Going organic hurts veggies, OK for legumes

How could organic stuff not be better? Eschewing pesticides and fertilizers is better for consumers, farmers, the environment, and all the denizens of the ecosystems that comprise it—everyone knows that. Even ask Prince Charles. Yet, like many ideas that seem … Continue reading

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From Business and financial news – Phone customers ditch carriers faster than ever

Verizon… are you reading this?!  My loyalty to you is now on a timer!!  Better treat us better…  I have been very unhappy with them recently… I’m just waiting for that one mistake from them that will make me move… … Continue reading

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From Morning Edition: Congo Warlord Convicted Of Recruiting Child Soldiers

People like these should be dealt with swiftly and quickly… anyone who abuses children do not deserve… much. ============================================================ Judges at a war crimes tribunal convicted Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga of snatching children from the street and turning them into … Continue reading

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From NPR Morning Edition: ‘Space Chronicles’: Why Exploring Space Still Matters

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says that space exploration is a key to transforming our economy and will play a crucial role in American success in the years to come. It “transforms the culture into one that values science and technology, … Continue reading

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