The Power of Addiction: Caffeine

Well, I was trying to think out of the box and see what I could “fast” on with the Easter around the corner.  Like many out there, I’m an avid coffee drinker.  Back when I worked under a German professor and a Russian post-doc,… well, you can guess how thick and strong the coffee was!  😮

However, since starting to work, the strength has dwindled down and I’ve grown accustomed to weaker brews.  Still, it was usually made up by the volume I’d consume.  Since having kids, I had gone from 1 cup a day to 2 cups and some times 2.5 cups a day!  Sleep was hard to come by…

Now that my kids have somewhat grown up a bit, and since caffeine was something I depended on, I thought I’d say ‘no’ to coffee for until the Easter and see how that affects me.  Well, day 2 is here and I have this HUGE migraine throbbing inside my skull, trying to get out!  Having enjoyed coffee from the age of early 20’s, and having discovered coffee at even earlier age of 10(!), it’s no wonder what kind of control this substance has on me.

If this humongous headache even slightly touches on the pain and suffering of what Christ had to go through on that mount on that day, so be it.  After my fasting is done, for the health sake, I plan on cutting down on coffee intake by significant amount.  It’s such a social drink though.  I don’t normally drink alcohol and so I’d need at least coffee to be that… 

Anyway, here’s to you fellow coffee drinkers and addicts!  To the freedom!

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