Have you forgiven… lately?

In the line of old Ford commercials, have you forgiven someone lately?It is something we must do regularly … just as God forgives us on a constant and consistent basis.  And to end the hatred that persists in our wicked minds, this act of forgiveness must be carried out on a regular basis.  To me, it’s a “spiritual exercise” that we must do regularly if we understand even a tiny bit of God’s grace and mercy.

Oh, His Mercy endures forever!  Amen…


Have a peaceful Memorial weekend…  to those that fought.

The End of “Alias”

Well, it finally came!  No more “Alias”!  I say good riddance!  As much as the first two years were awesome, it’s been on its down hill ever since third season or so.  Soojin and I fell in love with the show when it first aired 5 years ago… the suspense and the plot twists.  It kept especially Soojin all excited and theorizing on what was going on! 

Then after second season, things started to just get way too complicated.  Too many people dying and fake dying.  Plots getting way too complicated.  And then it felt like, *gasp*, “X-Files”!    Things started to get predictable and repetitive, just like X-Files.  And I was afraid that they’d can the show w/o any good amount of closure.  I hated Fox for that.  X-Files just disappeared and there weren’t any answers … just more unanswered questions.

Well, this rather quick two-episode season and series finale brought a closure to the series, but rather too abrupt, if you ask me!  Oh well… it’s over at least.  And good riddance, I say…

Grandmas and Wrestling

I miss my grandma.  Shucks.  We lived close to her in my childhood from when I was 9 till 12.  This is the same grandma that passed away to be with God earlier this year in January… 

What prompted this?  Well, my mother-in-law, Anna and JJ’s grandmother, has been staying with us for past 3 weeks now.  And there’s one thing she LOVES!  WWE wrestling!!    How weird is that?!  She knows of the what’s going ons more than I do!  Just this past Friday or so, she got to watch one and she felt soooo good after that one as the bad guy was smacked with a chair!!  Ha ha ha…  she said that she could sleep well that night!  What is up with Korean grandmas??!!

My belated grandmother also loved wrestling… swearing left and right, throwing in her own gestures of sorts… I miss her.    I hope she gets to see some good re-runs up in Heaven!    Here’s to you grandma!  You rock!

Ultimate ’80s Peppy Music Mix!!

Ok folks…

Time to pitch in!  I’m trying to make an energetic ’80s music mix so I can use it during the workouts and late night drivings!  Make your suggestions!

I’ve already come up with a few…

“Take On Me” – A-Ha

“Where The Streets Have No Name” – U2

“Never gonna give you up” – Rick Astley

Wow… Talk about a trip!  😮

No Time for Workout you say?: Adapting to the Situation

With two kids, and a wife who has part-time teaching job in the evening, I always have to juggle the work time and church and family to near-perfection. So you can sense how much trouble it would add by trying to work out on top of all this.

Well, with my mother-in-law in town, I try to take whatever good weather we can get to get away. Like Friday, for example. I found out that the temperature near the sea in Galveston was going to be about 80 F so I got out early on Friday and took the family down to the beach. I try to work out 3 times a week but it’s been hard.

Today was no exception. Praise practice was at 10 am at church as I have to play bass the entire month to cover another person. By the time I got back, it was 12:30 pm and after lunch, it was 1:30 pm. The dilemma? On Saturdays, the JSC gym closes at 5:00 pm and I got into work at 2:30 pm. I had to put in about 3 hours so I would then get out after the gym closes.

I was worried that I’d have to skip out… but then my brain finally thought outside the box for once! Why not walk back home after work? It’s a bit hot (mid 80’s F) but it’s doable. At slightly more than 4 miles, it would easily take at least an hour of walking… Well, that’s what the mp3 players are good for, right?! I walked for a good hour and 15 min… Then it was already 7:00 pm almost home.  Well, the family couldn’t wait so they picked me up nearby.. so I walked about 3.5 miles or so…
The lesson learned? Adapt. Mold your life around so your body can be healthier. Think outside the box so that I could find the time to fit.

The Ever-rising Cost of the Next-Gen Consoles

As an aging 33-year-old gamer and a father of two with a full-time job, I do what I can to stay near the top of the gaming status. But it’s hard, and with every new iteration of new consoles going higher in price, it is becoming evermore painful to even think of buying one!

Might as well… I decided to focus hardware to be current only on my PC and since I have ’nuff games to last till Wii and PS3 and Xbox360 fall well into the price range (few years), I will do just that.

I remember having to work the summer at local K-Mart to buy my own original NES system for $100! I had to both hurry AND justify to my back then soon-to-be-wife that PS2 ($300) was also gonna be a DVD player for us! Now, if I want a decently confiured Xbox360, I have to shell out at LEAST $400 to $500?!! And PS3 to be similar?! I know that both companies lose out even at those prices… but …

Time is my only friend and the only one who will remain by my side.

GM Hy-Wire Working Concept Car!

Wow… GM has a first working concept car that runs on Hydrogen fuel cell technology AND drive-by-wire technology in one!!  Read and watch the video here!

This looks very promising!  Though you may sneer at its 0-60 time of 16 seconds, ask yourself if you want to keep paying the $5/gallon gas prices (worst case scenario of summertime gas price!)!  😮  I for one am for the technology to move AWAY from gasoline powered vehicles!