STS-121 Discovery Launch Tomorrow – July 1

I bet most of you didn’t even know that there is a Shuttle flight launch scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.  Well, there is one.  This would be the second launch since the Columbia accident.  For people like myself who both witnessed it and have worked on Shuttle program for several years (8), it has become very personal to me.

Especially with the job change to entry aerodynamics, I pray for safe flight for the brave crew of STS-121 Discovery.  We’ve all been very hard at work and we can only anticipate safe return to flight…

Godspeed Discovery… 

Becoming a Moderator of

Well, as most of you know, I am a die hard computer geek and a fan.

So needless to say that I’ve been a long-time (over 3 years) member of an online computer-related forums site called Sharky Forums.  Most people over there will be very helpful and knowledgeable on almost all aspects of computing, from softwares to hardwares.

Well, to my sincere surprise, the head poncho over there sends me a PM asking if I wanted to be a moderator for the forums!  😮  I was very shocked and accepted!  Now, I’m not the only moderator as I will be the admin for “CPU/Processors & Overclocking” section and “Highly Technical PC Forum” section.  😀 

It also does not mean that I’m the most knowledgeable in those sections either… just that I was chosen for being most impartial and helpful.  So if you ever have any questions or seek help with your computing troubles, come on by!

Over there, I go by “proxops-pete“.  😉

Ah … crap!

Well, this stinks…
I’m wide awake now!    Why, you ask?  Normally, my mother-in-law has been putting the kids to sleep while she’s been here.  So I start up my CS:S session and Anna comes to ask ME to put her to sleep!    This is rare, gents and ladies…  She and JJ usually ask mom to put them to sleep.

So I naturally take this very rare opportunity and get in to put them to sleep.  That was at 10:00 pm.  I have a sleep issue.  If I sleep too early, I tend to be wide awake and I’m up for a looooong time.  Well, I woke up at 12:30 am!  I’m up…

I just hope I won’t be up too late!