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Grunting of a Smalltime Seller

Erg… That’s how I feel right now… I sell stuff from time to time.  After I upgraded from my Note 4, I sold it off on eBay.  Other gadgets and stuff that’s sitting around, I try to recoop some cost.  … Continue reading

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From Wired Top Stories: 32-Year Study Shows how Geeky Kids Become Happy Adults

Academic success in school doesn’t necessarily translate into adult wellbeing. If you want your kids to grow up into happy adults, a new study suggests what you may want to help them aim for. from Wired Top Stories

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From NPR Morning Edition: ‘Space Chronicles’: Why Exploring Space Still Matters

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says that space exploration is a key to transforming our economy and will play a crucial role in American success in the years to come. It “transforms the culture into one that values science and technology, … Continue reading

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From Discover: Q&BA: Why spend money on NASA?

I wholeheartedly agree and endorse this article… ======================================================================== During last week’s Q&BA live video chat session on Google+, I got the question, “Why spend money on NASA when we need that money here on Earth?” This is a common question, … Continue reading

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From NPR News: Stephen Colbert Wants You To Know: That’s Definitely Not His SuperPAC

As funny as Colbert is, his parody and punts reveal a LOT of truth on how corrupt politicians can be…  Read on… and watch the clips… ========================================================= Stephen Colbert had a superPAC. Jon Stewart has it now. But they’re totally … Continue reading

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From xkcd: SOPA


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STS-133 Final Discovery Launch in Person!

I didn’t get to see STS-133 launch at the end of October last year.  I was rather disappointed.  I have been working in the aerospace industry for 13 years now and all in the Shuttle side even.  In that time, … Continue reading

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