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From Droid Life: Google Now has a Built-in Pedometer – Tracks Miles Walked and Biked From Each Month

Last night, and possibly because the month of October came to a close, Google Now started showing a new card to a number of our readers. That new card is a pedometer that has been tracking their steps and miles … Continue reading

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From Discover Magazine: Drug Companies Cherry-Pick Data to Get Approval for Useless Drugs | 80beats

It goes without saying that the drugs you take for a headache, or high blood pressure, or even depression should work better than a Tic-Tac. That’s what drug trials are for: researchers give a group of subjects either the drug … Continue reading

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From Kotaku: Starting Today, Canned Air Is On Sale in China

In Spaceballs, one of the greatest movies ever made, Mel Brooks huffs canned air. The movie features a made up brand called “Perri-Air”, but that doesn’t mean canned air is fiction. More » from Kotaku

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From News: U.S. Kids Eat Nearly As Much Salt As Adults, Putting Health At Risk

Kids’ high salt consumption is putting them at risk for illnesses linked to high blood pressure. The association between salt and blood pressure was highest in kids who are already overweight, the CDC says.   from News

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From Discover Magazine: Pot Dependence in Adolescence is Linked to a Long-Term Drop in IQ | 80beats

Compared to some of the drugs out there, cannabis can seem relatively harmless. It doesn’t have the ruinous effects of methamphetamines or even substances like synthetic pot. But there has long been suspicion that heavy use might have long-term effects … Continue reading

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From Wired Top Stories: Antibiotics Might Be Fueling Obesity Epidemic

Expanding waistlines may be caused by more than bad diets and sedentary habits. Antibiotics could be disrupting our gut bacteria, helping people pack on fat like farm animals. from Wired Top Stories

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From Gizmodo: Awesome Chinese Iron Man Built Himself Bionic Arms After His Homemade Bomb Blew Up His Real Arms

Sun Jifa should be an inspiration to us all. After he lost both of his hands when a homemade bomb exploded, he spent the past 8 years making prototype bionic hands until figuring out the system he has now. It … Continue reading

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