Arcjets and Me…

What is “arcjet”?  Here’s a google search… to get you started… 

I was asked to help out a co-worker who’s bombarded with work to work on this… Shuttle tiles are going through some major testing and NASA/JSC uses arcjet to create plasma (very high temperature gas with dissociated particles) and recreate entry conditions.

Arcjets work by sending high amp current through gas and the electrical energy increases the particles’ energy and gets accelerated through nozzles.  I got to visit the JSC Arcjet Facility today and am quite excited!  10 MW (at max) ability!  Wow… 

Nifty scooter called “Zac”

I saw this nice battery powered scooter called Zac on today.  The nice thing about is that it can do about 12 mph on a charge for about 40 min!  I can get to work using this sub-$500 gadget!  And no gas would be needed!  Wow…

Anybody got some money?  It would be a great thing for students and people who live only few miles from work.  It’s foldable and you can recharge it while at work!  😀  The only down side is that it’s only sold in Portugal at the moment…  🙁

Here’s to importing it soon and price drop to more reasonable range!  I’d buy one at $300!!  Cool gadget of the month indeed!

Daily Adventures of a Parenthood

I love playing with my kids.  I’ve always had the childish side of me so it’s quite easy and natural for me to play with them on their level.  😛

Thursday was a Family Night at The Children’s Museum of Houston from 5 pm to 8 pm as it’s free admission.  So I took them there while their mother worked.  The weekend was no exception.  To let Soojin rest, I try to play with them and usually, my kids like me to read to them and play with them which almost always involves tickling! 

Well, Anna sat on me and we started tickling and she was having so much fun that… suddenly, I felt my stomach feeling hot!  There was an instant hot flood!  She peed on me!  LOL…  Out of the sheer excitement, she just couldn’t hold it anymore and (pun intended) let the floodgates open!  Though I was a bit upset at the initial wetting, later, I thought it was a good sign of how much Anna enjoys being with me.  Even if it means being peed on.  Ha ha ha…  Welcome to the parenthood…

Difference between “AAAAAAAA” and “AAAAAABA”

The word “opposite” has such a huge implication in meaning.  And it can’t add any more than to the differences between a man and a woman.

For the past 5 years of our marriage, we have fought countless number of times.  Mainly, that to Soojin, telling me of something again and again isn’t the same.  Confused?  It has only begun.  To her, even slight change of the content of the conversation implies it is a new conversation.  Example 1.  If yesterday, she told me “We ate rice today” and then today, she says “we ate barley yesterday” (to be more specific), those two statemens are entirely different whereas to me, rice and barley are cereal that we eat on daily basis and thus the same.  Example 2 (for the men!).  If she said “AAAAAAAA” yesterday and she says “AAAAAABA” today, these two statements are
entirely different.  So in her case, even the slightest of change in content implicates difference in conversation where as to me, it’s “close enough” that I take it as repeating, and thus, [the hated word of the ladies] nagging.

This is important esp. as we go through Purpose Driven Life together.  As we accept more and more of how God has created each of us differently, it’s even more important to realize that we can’t change the way the other person thinks.  What we have come to agree now is that instead of trying to get the other person to see the differences or understand, it’s more imperative that we try very hard to remind ourselves that the other person takes to understand (or as I like to say, translate) “A” as “Z” because of our fundamental differences in the thinking mentality.

To her, she likes to be reminded, even if I’ve told her before, whereas I take it as being ignored because she doesn’t think that I listened to her.  Now, we both realize that putting our own selves in each other’s shoes is that much more important. 

Ska haters need not apply here…

If you know a bit about me, my all time band (Christian or not) is FIF, aka “Five Iron Frenzy”.  Music style may be classified as ska but to me, they are funny ska.  😛

They disbanded two years ago (on a good note unlike many others) but their impact on someone like me is still very strong.  One unique aspect of the band, and esp. the lead singer, Roper, is that they are very open and honest, and it shows in their lyrics.

Though labeled as Christian ska band, they show their humanity side while proclaiming Jesus along with lots of their own “wake-up” criticism on this dormant society of ours.  Just listen to their albums and you will see what I mean. 

The first album I every purchased was “Our Newest Album Ever” and it just blew me away… at their being so honest with being themselves:  silly but serious about what they believed in.  It reminded me of Purpose Driven Life chapter that talks about how we worship God by being ourselves as we are designed for.  Well then, FIF definitely lived to worship God being themselves!

Some of their funniest songs are such as the “pants songs” from “Quantity is Job 1“.  Being silly is who they are… but also in singing about our lives here and the struggles that we have daily.  Such songs are on “The End is Here” like live version of “Every New Day” (originally from Our Newest Album Ever) and they really spoke to someone like me.

Truthful.  Honest.  Funny.  Serious.  Faithful.  That’s what FIF has taught me and witnessed to me…   God bless them.

Dell buys out Alienware!

Dude, you are getting … an Alienware!

What was once known as flagships of high tech computers is now a sell-out and is now owned by Dell!  Alienware, though expensive, has been famous for high tech computers and awesome quality overall.  Unlike Dell.  Until now.

Alienware sold themselves out.  I just read the article last month on Alienware and how it started up with two guys set out to make top quality PCs for die-hard gamers and unrelenting service now turned over their values and such for hard cash.  🙁

I’m ticked.  The two founders swore that they would not sell out.  Downright liars.  There goes innovation…  Another sad day in the world of computing and technology…

Death of a friend [of sort]… my BFG 6800 GT!

Well, my BFG 6800 GT has been fine but tonight… it started to croak…
While playing CS: Source, the screen went blank right after vertical white lines… 3 times… had to reboot … 3 times!

So I call BFG 24/7 Tech support… and they say it’s dying… and I have to RMA it… and the question of the month (or year) is…

What will they replace it with?!!

If you know my story a bit, when my 2-month-old 6800 died, they replaced with free 6800 GT! So… what are my chances that they’d replace it with… say… 6800 Ultra or even 7800 GS?!! I doubt they will be that nice to me again… but while I wait… this will be … interesting…

Oh, and does anyone have either a free or very cheap AGP card to hold me running my F@H inbetween?!    If you have no idea what I’m mumbling about… that’s ok too.