Ska haters need not apply here…

If you know a bit about me, my all time band (Christian or not) is FIF, aka “Five Iron Frenzy”.  Music style may be classified as ska but to me, they are funny ska.  😛

They disbanded two years ago (on a good note unlike many others) but their impact on someone like me is still very strong.  One unique aspect of the band, and esp. the lead singer, Roper, is that they are very open and honest, and it shows in their lyrics.

Though labeled as Christian ska band, they show their humanity side while proclaiming Jesus along with lots of their own “wake-up” criticism on this dormant society of ours.  Just listen to their albums and you will see what I mean. 

The first album I every purchased was “Our Newest Album Ever” and it just blew me away… at their being so honest with being themselves:  silly but serious about what they believed in.  It reminded me of Purpose Driven Life chapter that talks about how we worship God by being ourselves as we are designed for.  Well then, FIF definitely lived to worship God being themselves!

Some of their funniest songs are such as the “pants songs” from “Quantity is Job 1“.  Being silly is who they are… but also in singing about our lives here and the struggles that we have daily.  Such songs are on “The End is Here” like live version of “Every New Day” (originally from Our Newest Album Ever) and they really spoke to someone like me.

Truthful.  Honest.  Funny.  Serious.  Faithful.  That’s what FIF has taught me and witnessed to me…   God bless them.

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