Pondering on the fatherhood…

I wonder what God was thinking and feeling … when He created us.

Why do I ponder you ask? That’s because I find both joy and frustration at this point in time. It’s always a joy to see life growing as well as learning new things, doing things that you never imagined possible. Yet, when they whine and cry at the tiniest things, it can drive any human darn near crazy!

I had such case of the latter today… things were going as usual… fed them, cleaned them up, let them play a bit so I can rest, took them to Wal Mart for our shopping… and when we return, my second baby goes awall about the candy snack I give him. Wow… my voice climbs higher and louder than any rock band. As I sit down now, I still wonder what God was thinking… and all I have to say is that I’m so glad he’s not a human! 🙂

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