Techie and Kids

Well, take a look at this…

What is that you ask? It’s a computer that my daughter made! She sees me so much on computer that she decided to make her own! Awesome!! 😀

Next image we have is …

Anna listening to my favorite classical music piece: A. Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. Here’s my son, JJ, listening as well!

The headphone HD-535 is by the famous German company called Sennheiser. Their headphones are simply awesome. The detail that gets recreated on these phones is simply just amazing! I am a newbie audiophile in that sense. 😉 I always rip my music CDs at 192 kbps VBR (Variable Bit Rate) using Exact Audio Copy, a freeware, and LAME encoder. What comes out is near-CD quality MP3 audio! Yummy!

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