Verizon Wireless Leads Industry in Customer Care? Really?!

According to J.D. Power & Associates survey, Verizon is leading in customer care… Really?!

You see, I have been a loyal customer for almost a decade.  You’d think that they’d treat you well for loyalty… well, no!  😡 I got a new phone (Droid Charge) back in end of October just a day before I left for work.  I figured I’d have few days left (I was going for 2 weeks) if I wanted to exchange the phone.  The phone was crap.  Slower and crappier than its predecessor, Droid X.  And since I didn’t want to be without a phone while I was on travel, I decided to call in when I returned.

Big mistake. It turns out the 14-day return period begins from the day they SHIP IT OUT!  WTH?!  I kept complaining and they eventually said that they’d let me swap it out with HTC Thunderbolt (which is way better!).  They would re-imburse me later on once I ship back Droid Charge.  Well, they didn’t come through and after much crap, I was given the short end of the stick!  I was beyond mad.

I am thinking about not renewing my contract.  I tend to be very loyal… unless you screw me over big time.  Verizon did.  But my other problem is… who would I switch to?!  Surely not AT&T!  No thanks…  Sprint?  Too much doubt…  erg…  Ok.  I am done with my ranting… but just had to laugh and rant on J.D. Power & Assoc. survey results…  who do YOU ask?!  Big sets of walls?!  Please… both Verizon and J.D. Power & Associates… get in touch with REALITY!

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