Soojin’s Accident Yesterday

So as many of you know by now, Soojin was in an accident on the way to BSF leaders’ meeting. Usually, JJ would be riding with her but since it was a holiday week for Anna, Soojin asked her co-worker to watch them in the morning. Thus we are so thankful that neither of the kids were in the car.

Though I do not know the entire details, here are what is known about the accident. Soojin was on Pineloch left lane and a landscaping truck was on the right and there was a contact that made her veer off the road into the median and hit the big lamp post. The car was totaled in my opinion. The entire front was gone along with radiator, the wheels, and both of the airbags that went off. The other vehicle and 3 people were fine. I only saw a dent on the side of the drivers door. They didn’t seem to speak English or worse, didn’t have insurance and thus didn’t say anything. I felt bad for them but at the same time mad.

Soojin was bleeding badly in the eye but turned out to be due to a small gash between the eyes. My current hero(ine) is a woman named Ginger. She is the good Samaritan who saw Soojin crash and pulled over to help her get out of the car and stayed with her until I got there. Ginger is now my current favorite name of the decade!

Soojin complained of large pain in the right abdominal side and was rushed to ER. I had asked Pastor Shawn to pray for Soojin but he ended up coming out to the hospital (after I gave him the wrong hospital name! – Southwest Memorial Hermann when it should’ve been Southeast). Her CAT scan came back negative for internal damages, so we are thankful for that as well.

And Younhe with her two kids came by to see Soojin at home. This does not include all the family and friends that prayed for Soojin and gave all the kind words. So I wanted to thank everyone who took part in caring for Soojin in this difficult times.

Please pray for the car that the insurance would file it as totaled and not try to have it fixed, and that the amount for the car would be favorable. After that, we will have to shop for a replacement car. That Lincoln Continental was named as “admiral” since it felt like a boat. It served faithfully to the end protecting the driver to its end. 🙁 Now that I have to say goodbye to it, it’s a bit saddening having developed “?” (jung that means emotional bond) for it.

I don’t know why the accident happened nor will I likely find out, but since God was with her, we are trying not to question it, and just being thankful for all that came out of it… 1) no kids were involved and 2) Soojin didn’t incur any serious damage. “God is good all the time. All the time, God is good.”

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  1. the other guys did not have any insurance? So you are gonna have to make a claim on your own?

    That would piss me off. Were the police there? They need at the very least get a ticket. I would look into a suit. This pisses me off.

  2. While half of me was mad, Soojin felt bad for them… and I for one am not into suing people… chances are that suing won’t get us anywhere anyway…

  3. That’s mighty big of you, Peter. Perhaps I am a bit more jaded about people, but I half think that they might have insurance but said that they did not and pretended that they knew less English than they let on. This would not be the first time that I heard something like that happening. You should talk to my correctional officer friend and listen to how some people try to play you for every little thing and lie, lie, lie.

    Also, it is not even about just you – it is also about the next guy. I mean, without consequences, those guys will again be driving around without any insurance (that is if in reality they do not have insurance) and chances are, they will get into another accident. I would at least get a lawyer to send them a letter, but you might not even have their contact information….or they might have given you something like a phone number and most likely it is not a working number or if it is, good luck getting someone to talk to you.

    Anyway, glad that seemingly, no-one got a serious injury. However, keep an eye on your wife. I know that soft-tissue type of injuries are harder to ‘see’. Will keep that in prayer.

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