Car Accident Update

I need to vent… so here I am again.

I got the call from State Farm that our beloved ’99 Lincoln is officially considered totaled.  🙁  While I have been wanting to do that, the sudden reality hit harder than expected.  After all, it’s never an equal trade when you try to find its replacement.  And on top of that, the Admiral went out completing its duty to the end protecting its owner even though it meant taking itself out.  Sniff…

So here’s where it gets somewhat worse…  They valued it at roughly $4600 retail through prices.  When they re-add on taxes and other stuff, it was at $5100.  But it still came back to $4600 because of our $500 deductible.  State Farm rep told me that I can get the deductible back from the other party’s insurance so I call them (also ambulance cost was over $500!) only to find out … that it was never filed!

So I had to spend half hour talking to the other insurance company giving them all the info!  Erg… Now I have to wait till next Monday before they assign an adjuster.  What a pain.  To make things more irritating, now that the car is considered totaled, they will cut the car rental short!  😡  I have to probably get the other party’s insurance to pay for the rental to be extended.  So much hassle…

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  1. Ok, a little bit confused.

    First of all, it seems from what you are saying is that unlike the initial impression, the other guy did have insurance. Thats good. But, how come you are doing all of this calling and talking? I thought it would be more like: I’ll get my people talking to your people type of thing?

  2. Well, my insurance said that they can talk to the other party’s insurance for property damage but for body injury related things, we have to do it on our own.

  3. Ahh I see. Hence the reason why people get personal injury lawyers to get a settlement from the insurance guys.

    Anyway, you being a NASA-trained scientist should be well versed in making your way through bureaucracies. 🙂

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