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As many have been asking, Soojin is slowly getting better. She’s been able to attend Sunday services. (yeah!) She takes the kids to the local playground and some days to the local library. But she says that even these outings will tire her out.

Kids are finally missing home… and their daddy! 😀 Call me mean but I was glad to hear that. 😛 They miss their lives here in the States… and Anna is counting down the days till she returns! However, on the plus side, she has been taking “piano lessons”, which is primarily learning how to read music notes. And she’s loving it! 😮 So I am very glad to hear that she is learning something new and enjoying herself in the process… They are watching lots of Korean children’s cartoons… I don’t know how they will adapt once they return to the States… JJ didn’t want to try taekwondo. Oh well…

Speaking of JJ, he’s been showing more and more of OCD (obssessive compulsive disorder) symptoms. Even earlier on, he had to get things done just the way he liked it. He couldn’t leave windows and doors open, and would go and close them. I sure hope it’s a phase… My theory/take is that smart and intelligent people tend to be OCD as well. I know quite a lot of intelligent people and they are mostly like that. I would trade intelligence for social aptitude ANY day! Being able to work with others, and accepting others who are different, and ability to work with different people is what I consider more valuable in society. Of course, it’s not like I want my son to be deliberately failing and/or stupid. By no means! I’m just saying that between intelligence and social aptitude, I’d pick the latter… hands down. Well behaved is included in that as well! 😛

On a more personal note, I was planning on biking to work 4 times this week. However, I didn’t get up till too late on Tuesday and ended up driving to work. I biked in yesterday. But that meant that I’d have to bike in both today and Friday! 🙁 I was hoping to do two days at a time … but realized how weak my will power is. So after asking my Bible study group to pray for some will power, I just moved my lazy ass out of the bed, and dragged my butt out of home and biked in! 🙂

Changing habits is hard. We, humans, are creatures of habits. Breaking free from bad ones is tough enough… but incorporating good habits is not any easier… one day at a time… to God be the glory… and here’s biking in tomorrow (and not giving in!!)!

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  1. o yay! i LOVE it that you bike to work. and yah. i’m sure it’s super hard but it’s totally building discipline which is really admirable! glad the kids are missing you and that soojin unnies are getting better~ 🙂 werd.

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