Water-powered car!!

Japan has developed a water-powered test car!! 😮

It can sustain 80 km/h for an hour on 1 liter of freakin’ water!!! How come we don’t have that already?! I will tell you why… it’s because of those money and life sucking oil companies!! That’s why!! 😡 All those oil companies better get on the right gear ’cause I’m not paying freakin’ $5/gallon!!

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  1. Almost all ways of creating energy that I know of consists of breaking more unstable chemical bond that results in a more stable chemical bond and released energy….

    I dont know…I would not be surprised if this is some hoax to get some funding – the report was very sparse in the science behind it:

    anyway, oil companies are not your enemies.

    note: around when did gas prices start spiking from about mid to low 2 dollars a gallon to 4 dollars plus?

  2. Viktor Schauberger did a lot with “water devices” in the 1940’s that would run without ceasing, after an initial start. It looks like most of his designs were based on generating a vortex that would develop a vacuum somewhere in the device. And the vacuum would keep it running. Also he pulled power from the vortex to turn a small gear that would be used to run a generator (for electricity).

  3. I do not know who that Viktor guy is, but just by what you stated, if that vortex was truly a closed system (ie, no other external sources of energy kept the vortex going), then it sounds like a perpetual motion machine and thus violates the law of conservation of energy – ie, it generates more energy than it consumes.

    In other words, I am skeptical of it.

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