Stress and Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday… the day to mark the beginning of Lent, a 40-day period to prepare for the agony and pain that Jesus went through and 40 days reflect the length of time he spent in the desert.  Prior to this day, my stress level has been … surmounting lately.  I thought I’d share this with the few that read this and ask for your prayers.

1. My mother-in-law’s health has been worsening with her liver no longer allowing her to take any medications, having gone through two surgeries for her eyes, and knees, and because of the liver, they can’t perform surgery on her neck, which has been giving her lots of pain.  Her siblings all but two have died of liver cancer, and she shows symptoms of the same disease.  I’m afraid that she may not have much time left…  🙁

2. Because of my mother-in-law’s health condition, Soojin has been stressed out about it, and cries a lot of times regarding this… even more so thinking that she can’t help take care of her mom.

3. So naturally, before her health diminishes even further, we planned to visit her this year in Korea, but as most know, plane tickets are not cheap.  I’m looking at easily $4000 to $5000 for 4.  That’s not a small amount and it’s stressing me out.

4. Unfortunate misunderstandings and timings have brought some bad situation to some of my relationships.

5. My parents haven’t been doing too well either.

6. I’ve had a severe headache for over a week where everything above my sinus have been giving me so much pain that I couldn’t concentrate.  Thought it was allergies at first but upon visiting my doctor, she told me that it’s more likely due to sinus infection.  I’m on 3 meds now and the throbbing pain in my cranium seems to have gone… for now.

7. Job has been… frustrating to say the least.  Not being appreciated at work by the higher ups, and too much internal politics are killing me.

8. Relatively big task came into my hands at work and that’s been giving me stress.

9. My body pretty much gave out on both Tuesday and Wednesday due to stress, and felt too weak to do much.

10. Both of our cars seem to need the transmissions rebuilt… either that or get a different car(s).  🙁

10. Finance (and managing it) has never been my forté and making ends meet is becoming more and more difficult.

Things, honestly, look very bleak right now… but as Ash Wednesday reminds me, I need to keep in my mind how much more of pain and suffering Jesus had to endure for our sakes.  May God give me strength to carry on, wisdom to manage, and the discernment to choose wisely.

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