I am still a cold-hearted b****** and Soojin’s my hero

Happy birthday Pastor Shawn! 😀

So to celebrate his, Andrew Kim’s, and Eric Song’s b-days, we went across the street to Chipotle for lunch after the service. Nothing too extreme to denote the title thus far, right? Well, after the lunch and the looong stop at Berripop, we headed back to our car. We had to walk back to the church parking lot.

On the way, we noticed a homeless man sitting on the bus stop bench. I tried to hurry along, and try to ignore him. However, Soojin, as soon as we pass him, she says, “Do you think he ate?” At first, I was irritated and annoyed. She then proceeded to suggest that we should buy him something to eat and pointed to Whichwich.

So I sent the rest ahead and I went to buy the sandwich and came back to give him the sandwich. He is all that anyone would think of when you heard the word “homeless”: beard and facial hair everywhere, half asleep, very dark faced, age of 40-something to 50-something. When I approached him, he saw what I had in my hands and got up and said something appreciative that I don’t recall.

Afterwards, I had realized how cold and heartless I was. I am as the title says, a cold-hearted bas****. I’d rather avoid him and turn the cold shoulder rather than be like Soojin who obviously had the heart of Christ in her… definitely more than I had.

You see, this isn’t the first time. Last year during summer, Soojin had noticed this older man selling newspaper on Kirby near 59. His name was Dave. When she first saw him, she again wanted to feed him and give him drink. Everyone has their heroes. Mine is Soojin. She certainly has the heart of a hero of Christ. She is able to see the person that is in need. And sees it right through.

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