I hate Dell with passion!!

Ok.  It’s now officially official:  I hate Dell with passion!!  😡

I found a great deal on Dell for an MSI 8800GT OC (660 MHz core / 1900 MHz memory).  This was back in late November.  I guess they took one too many orders… ’cause the only thing I started seeing was “Your order was delayed” crap, week after week!!  And now, it’s not going to ship earlier than 1/29/08!  WTF?!!

Great service?!!  Whatever!  Ever since Dell got big, they have been only getting worse and service has only been getting worse and this is my proof… my LAST proof!  Why?!  That’s because I won’t buy from Dell ever again!   If they are such great company, they would have offered a different brand product (but same model) even if they lost money on it!!

Dell sucks!  If companies like Logitech only made and sold video cards!  On second thought, Logitech stay where you are and try not to grow big like Dell and screw it up for eveyrone!


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