Boycott Myanmar’s Natural Gas (Thiland & S. Korea, among many)

NY Times Article

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, may become the new “Tiananmen Square”.  The merciless ruling junta refuses to let go of its selfish grip on the country.  As more and more people are killed by this junta’s military, if something doesn’t change soon, things will just become worse.  The countries that have the power to influence Myanmar’s junta are giving in because of their need for energy source, mainly Myanmar’s natural gas.  South Korea is among the bidders… I can only pray that other countries are smarter than that and remember their own dark pasts.

People of Myanmar are becoming wary and beyond being tired of the ruthless murders.  But before things could get better, I am afraid that it will have to get worse first.  Tiananmen Square incident shocked and brought much needed change to China.  People must rise together, or they will fall together.

I pray for a peaceful change, but just like in any other countries (including South Korea), sacrifices were made before changes were made.  Let us pray for a peaceful (as peaceful as it can get) and successful change for the better of the country and the people of Myanmar.

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