Perks of working for large company as an underpaid engineer

Though I b*tch and complain about being underpaid and under-appreciated at work, there are some good perks that I cannot ignore or forget.  First is the health benefits.  That alone has saved us a load of money… just having our kids saved us easily $40K! 

But the 2nd (and bigger) perk is the flexibility in the work schedule.  As most of you know by now, Soojin’s ankle has made me take more time out of work to do things that are necessary.  For example, today’s schedule went like this…

7:45 Take Anna to school
8:15 Come back home
8:45 Take Soojin and JJ to UBC for mothers’ Bible study
9:15 Get into work
10:15 Leave for my doctor’s appointment
11:45 Come back to work
2:45 Leave to pick up Anna from school
3:30 Stop by court to pickup application for Soojin’s temporary disabled parking permit
3:45 Drop off my prescription
4:15 Back at work
5:45 Leave for home

Tomorrow, I have to pick up JJ from pre-school at noon, drop him off at home, come back to work, and go pick up Anna again at 3 pm.  These kind of flexibility work schedule could not be possible if I worked at smaller companies or bigger responsibilities with more pay.  I thanked God today for my job.    I don’t want to leave transporting my precious kids to someone I hardly know!

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