Looking again at what a marriage is…

Lately, a couple (not yet married) that we know of are going through that “final stage difficulties” prior to marriage. Shorty put, things are rocky. It made me realize yet again that relationships are where God is needed the most. Otherwise, we wouldn’t last.Soojin and I are not perfect, to say the least. We fight still. And we used to fight even more back in our first two years or so of our marriage. When we got married, I told myself that neither of us are near even perfect, and with the uncertainty of life ahead of us, the only thing we could be certain of was our promise: our promise to each other to put each other first, and to continue to forgive each other, and through Christ, bring ourselves together and become more like Christ.

Over the years, I’ve had my shares of anger and resentment and loads other things. I’ve head-butted the wall and punched it several times due to anger as we fought. But I’ve never hit Soojin. And I’ve always mended the differences between us over and over again. Even if it was to agree to disagree. We still don’t see everything eye to eye. But if Christ forgave us for all of our past, present, and future shortcomings and sins, both of us know that we don’t have the right to hold it out against the other. Again, it’s the parable of the servant that was forgiven a year’s wage who couldn’t forgive a fellow servant for mere change.

When you enter into sacred holy matrimony (don’t joke about that), you don’t say those vows of “for better or for worse” for nothing. God never promised us certainty about our future. Only that He would be with us through our uncertainties. If one waits till your would-be-spouse is ready or situations were “perfect”, you will be waiting forever. I guarantee it. When you decide to marry someone, you are making the promise to both of yourselves that you decide to accept the other person as they are (as God created).

I feel that lately, with our generation and younger, we give up too easily on things. Especially on relationships. I pray that this will change. After all, would you want God to change His mind about you?

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