Boycotting Chavez and Citgo

This “leader” of Venezuela aka. Chavez is truly something. Something that of an idiot.
He has no idea of as a leader. He ticks me off. Not because he insulted President Bush. To me, whatever comes out of his mouth isn’t worth the attention anyway.

The reason I plan to boytcott Citgo, the subsidiary of Venezuelan oil company is because I want Chavez to know that he’s an idiotic ruler. No grace or wisdom whatsoever, shooting off his mouth like that. Someone that ignorant doesn’t deserve to be a ruler in my book. So I plan on hitting him where it hurts: his money pocket. The fact that he thinks he’s some kind of God messenger in comdemning Bush is a true example of hypocrisy at its best. His leadership is a “creative dictatorship” at its best. Give me a break…

Read this article from Washington Post about him…

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