JJ and Glass

My kids are acrobats.  Really. 

They sure proved themselves this week!  There’s this clock that Soojin got as a wedding gift from her friend that has a quilted background.  It’s covered by glass, of course!

Well, I was talking to my parents on the phone when I heard glass shatter!    Then I saw JJ on the clock with shattered glass!    He evidently jumped from the chair onto the clock!  Luckily, I was right next to him so I lifted him up before he even tried to move, sat him down on my lap, took out the big glass pieces off his feet before they did REAL damage, rushed him to the bathroom and washed his feet from tiny pieces…  Whew…  thankfully, he didn’t have any damage or bleeding… 

Who ever said that child raising isn’t full of excitement?!!     I still had to give him a good lecture and punish him for such behavior by not allowing him to play… boys are sooo much more troublesome! 

No jump ropes?! WTH?!!

Anna must have seen it in Dora the Explorer or something because recently, they have been asking for a jump rope.  So no biggie.  I took them to Walmart last night hoping to be in and out so we can head over to the library.  Well, guess what?!  They didn’t have any! 

So no biggie… we head over to KB Toys.  They only had 7 ft long ones for teenagers and older.    By then, it was nearly 8 pm and library would close soon.  But still, we decided to try one more time… at the Toys ‘R Us.  Surely, if they didn’t have it, no toy store would!  Wel, they didn’t have any! 

It’s like no one sells these classic low-tech toys anymore!!  WTH?!!  We went to the library trying to forget about it and I was trying to divert their attention from it.  I’m going to give sports stores a try next… like Oshman’s, Academy and Sports Authority.  If any of you find a jump rope that is less than 7 ft long, CALL ME!!  Sheesh… what’s the world coming to… 

Christine’s killer workout!

So when do you find out how out of shape you are?!

After Christine‘s Cardio workout!    She nearly killed all 7 of us!  That’s what you get when you ask a 3rd degree Taekwondo black belt to lead the cardio workout!     I thought I was going to die… and right now, I’m sore all over…  I might call in sick next Sunday!    Oh and she said that it was “medium” level workout!

Just kidding… thanks for doing this for us out-of-shape folks, Christine

Beam me up, Scotty!!

CNN article

Holy Toledo, Batman!    The very first de-materialization and “teleporting” (even though it’s only in inches) actually happened!  Can you say “Beam me up, Scotty!”?!!  Dang… They still say it’s far from teleporter but it’s a heck of a start!!