No jump ropes?! WTH?!!

Anna must have seen it in Dora the Explorer or something because recently, they have been asking for a jump rope.  So no biggie.  I took them to Walmart last night hoping to be in and out so we can head over to the library.  Well, guess what?!  They didn’t have any! 

So no biggie… we head over to KB Toys.  They only had 7 ft long ones for teenagers and older.    By then, it was nearly 8 pm and library would close soon.  But still, we decided to try one more time… at the Toys ‘R Us.  Surely, if they didn’t have it, no toy store would!  Wel, they didn’t have any! 

It’s like no one sells these classic low-tech toys anymore!!  WTH?!!  We went to the library trying to forget about it and I was trying to divert their attention from it.  I’m going to give sports stores a try next… like Oshman’s, Academy and Sports Authority.  If any of you find a jump rope that is less than 7 ft long, CALL ME!!  Sheesh… what’s the world coming to… 

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  1. Go to Lowes
    measure out 7ft of rope
    cut, purchase
    viola… jump rope =)
    the secret is (whisper) jump ropes are actually just ropes

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