CHOICE: Humility

Ah… the topic of enormous variety!  Which one do I pick?  While I have plenty to share about this topic (including my own depression), I wanted to stick to something that is more recent.

Almost everyone seems to think that rocket science is all that.  To me, it really isn’t.  You see, the only thing I did right when I was in college was by studying as if it was worship to God, to glorify Him by giving all that I have, and at the time, as a student.  I believe it is because of that I did well.But even with good grades, I knew that this job of rocket science wasn’t going to be all that easy.

For instance, last week was one that I perhaps may not care as much of.  Why?  For every (Shuttle) flight, I have to post-process the flight data.  This recent past flight, however, was not my average flight.  The data collecting system on the starboard side (right) didn’t initialize properly for some time.  So the automatic data processing now had to be done manually.Well, in the team of four (incl. my manager), no one really seemed to remember how to go about it manually.With time crunching in, I had struggled for days trying to figure out the scripts and programs to see where and what I had to change to make this work.In the end, it seemed like God was in control because I would always get that piece of data at the last minute unexpectedly from people and my own search, which reminded me that I am not the one in control.

Only with God’s grace did I finish that data processing, and not a moment too soon!Last week was indeed one of humility.  I’m only here because God allowed me to be.  I could become unemployed or be forced to change profession if God saw it fit.  All I can do now is to be a God-obeying rocket scientist.

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  1. This is a good topic. I’m going to have a group of 9th grade boys in my advising group next year. I want to share character building thoughts with them. It’s important to have these conversations.

    – Roland

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