CHOICE: Challenge

I drive a lot.  If you know where we live, we drive a LOT!  From Clear Lake area (south of Houston near Johnson Space Center) to any other parts of Houston and the Greater Houston area takes lots of time.  I’ve grown accustomed to driving for at the least an hour.  Then you add factors like kids, it becomes an even greater challenge.  But in the midst of all this, I want to still make to as many church-related events and meetings as possible.  Primary reason is to support the church events.  However, secondary is to challenge others, especially the single folks.

I know that after work, the last thing you want to do is drive far.  This happened to me on this past Wednesday.  We had our share/prayer meeting but I felt so tired that I didn’t want to bother driving across town.  I still have my moments of not wanting to push myself.  However, in my life-long war against my other (older) inner-self, I laid out an offensive within me and won the battle.  I drove out to Joy and Joanna’s place for our meeting.

One of the things that I want others to see or think is this: “If Peter and Soojin can make it, so can I!”  If you think moving around after work is challenging, try doing that with two kids!  Getting to church on time was relatively easy beforehand, but now, it’s a struggle.  But the last thing any of us should use as an excuse to not make it to a meeting or service is because we feel tired or too far or not enough time.  God didn’t do that with me.  So I sure am going to try again and again to go against my other self and get to where God’s people are meeting.  I pray that you do too.