Portrait of Christ

Happy Easter everyone!

Part II

New Morning
And a New Day
That teased the hearts of the Ladies
For hope.

The Birds sang of Unprecedented Miracle.
Angels spoke of Resurrection.
In front of an
Empty bed,
What once held our Savior
Now shouted with Joy.

Confused women
But full of wonder and delightful shock!
Ran only knowing the only thing they knew how…
To share the joy!

Earthquake was his name;
A LORD’s Messenger,
Quicker than a lightning
So might in power
The only thing he knew:
Of the LORD’s
From the wretched tomb.

The sky that once gloomed
With judgment was now
Warming the earth
Giving it nurturing energy.

That Day was different.
The Nature knew that.
Yet, we the foolish
Couldn’t comprehend still
What had happened
Being so limited in heart.

Then appeared He
To the Magdalene
To comfort & strengthen,
Yet the faithless believed not
Her testimony.

Later on the road to Emmaus,
Did He appear to two
Where Jesus shared Scriptures
With them encouraging
And teaching them.

Jesus rebuked Thomas
Who couldn’t see with his heart & faith
Yet, He blessed them.
But He showed love
To Peter to show him
That He still loved him,
And He gave Peter what he needed so much:
A Second Chance.

The once Humiliated and Abandoned Son,
Now full of Glory and Honor,
Spoke only of Peace to His Children
And returned unto rightful Father’s Arms
Telling us to wait for that
Time when He shall
Return for us all…

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