Polio Declared An International Health Emergency

  In a move that is simultaneously discouraging, urgent and deeply unusual, the World Health Organization has declared that the resurgence of polio is a “public health emergency of international concern.” It’s an extraordinary statement, coming less than four months after India — once considered a place where polio might never be vanquished — was […]

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ARM Says We’ll See $20 Smartphones In 2015

With RISC-based processing on the rise, and many major manufacturers getting in on the action, ARM is predicting $20 handsets next year. Firefox is already working on a $25 solution for emerging markets with their fledgling HTML5-based operating system.    Sure, no one’s going to win any benchmark competitions with such a budget build. But …more

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Boeing’s commercial spaceliner takes cues from sci-fi

Look at the image above and choose one: a.) It’s the set of a new sci-fi movie. b.) It’s the mock-up of an actual spacecraft that’s currently a work in progress. The correct answer? It’s B — but then the headline / tweet that brought you here…

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