An App That Makes It Easy to Pester Your Congress Member

Joe Trippi pioneered the use of social media as a fundraising tool. As campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean in 2004, he started a trend that has reinvented that way politicians run for office. But he believes that many politicians are still missing out on the power of the internet once they’re elected. […]

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Cider Compatibility Layer Allows Android to Run iOS Apps

Cider Compatibility Layer Allows Android to Run iOS Apps

Ever see a killer iOS app that you wish was on Android? Although the Play Store has essentially reached parity with the App Store when it comes to top apps, iOS is still the undisputed champion for music creation and drawing tools. But don’t run out to buy an iPad or iPhone just yet – students at […]

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The USB Bluetooth Audio Dongle can take cables out of the equation

Many devices these days are Bluetooth enabled, but that doesn’t mean all the stereo systems and notebooks we have are as capable. It can be annoying to become accustomed to Bluetooth, and then suddenly not have it, especially if you more frequently use a device that doesn’t have that ability, or haven’t upgraded yet. If you want to be able to stream music from just about any audio device, then …

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Aston Martin One-77 designer gives back to teacher who changed his life

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Aston Martin One-77

It’s a pretty fair bet that we’ve all had "that" teacher. The educator that stood out above all the others while we were in school and not only taught us, but made us into a better person – our very own Mr. Feeny, Mr. Belding, Mr. Holland or even Mr. Miyagi.

The Windsor Star has the story of one such teacher and her troubled student that went on to help design some of the most desirable cars in the auto industry. Karlene Berry spent 30 years as a teacher, and among her many, many students is Michael Lehti, the product of a broken home and self-described has having "never been the greatest academic."

What Lehti could do, though, was design cars. With the help of Berry’s class, he overcame his early obstacles and went on to work with the design team on the Aston Martin One-77 (pictured above) and the RUF CTR3, among other vehicles.

With Lehti and Benson’s old school closing, the pupil reached out to his teacher 32 years after graduation to say "thanks" and pay tribute for her impact on his life. Head on over to The Windsor Star, and check out this inspiring story.

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College grads top nongrads in debt

Those who graduate with student loans are likely to rack up car loans and credit card debt too, and end up with almost twice the overall debt load than those who graduated debt free.

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