From Autoblog: eBay Motors app adds search-by-image feature

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eBay Motors smartphone application

The eBay Motors smartphone application has a clever new feature. Users can now take a photo of any car they see on the street and the app will find similar listings for them automatically. Want to know how much that 2005 BMW M3 in the parking lot is going for right now? Just point and shoot. We tested the app ourselves and found it to be fairly accurate. It had no trouble honing in on a Toyota Sienna, but struggled a bit with editor-in-chief John Neff’s 1991 Ford Taurus SHO.

The good news is that if the app gets confused, it just asks you for more information about the vehicle. Users can also be notified when they’ve been outbid on an item, share their auctions via Twitter, and watch special racing coverage with host Justin Bell. Hit the jumpto check out the full press blast.

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