From Ars Technica: Researchers boycott publisher; will they embrace instant publishing?



Many scientists were miffed by the introduction of the Research Works Act, which would roll back the US government’s open access policy for research it funds. Some of that annoyance was directed toward the commercial publishers that were supporting the bill. That, combined with a series of grievances about the pricing policies of one publisher, Elsevier, has now led a number of scientists to start a boycott—they won’t publish in or review for journals from that publisher.

At the moment, the site where the academics are organizing the boycott is down, but the signatories were heavily biased towards math and the physical sciences.

This wasn’t the only news from the publishing world, however. The Faculty of 1000 is a site that organizes what’s been termed “post-publication peer review.” Instead of reviewing publications prior to their being published, the Faculty of 1000 comments on papers in their areas of research after they’ve been published, adding an additional layer of quality and sanity checking (something that, unfortunately, is often needed).

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