ifttt: Loving this service!

It has been a royal pain to get the ‘net to do things for me.  Getting links to share and posting them on my site has been a pain.  That’s why you rarely saw any updates.  ifttt came to the rescue! ifttt stands for “if this then that”.  How simpler can you get?!

If you haven’t heard of them, I am not surprised.  ifttt implies like you would assume.  It allows you to create “if… then…” type of scenarios on big level and scale.  I for example, set up the following:

It calls each of these services “channels”.  So you have to setup the 2 channels, Google Reader and WordPress, which is very simple!  Once you set it up, it allows certain logic to be set.  Best of all, it’s FREE!  :-D   You will see more and more of posts from me sharing stuff that interests me and I think you should know!

From Engadet: One-quarter of South Korean phone owners have a Galaxy S II, according to Samsung

My thoughts?!  Really?!  1/4 of Koreans own an S II?!  Wow… that’s insane!

Since going on sale last April, Samsung has moved some five million Galaxy S IIunits in its native South Korea. According to the company, that number means that roughly one in every four phone owners in the country now rocks the popular handset, enough for the company to unofficially declare it the nation’s “national smartphone,” a fact that’s pretty tough to deny, given that South Korea’s total population is somewhere in the ballpark of 49 million. All in all, not a bad haul for a handset that launched around nine months ago.


from Engadget

From dealmac: TurboTax Basic Federal for PC or Mac downloads for free

Intuit offers downloads of its TurboTax Basic Federal for Windows or Mac for free. (You’ll need to set up an account before you can download it.) That’s beats our mention from two weeks ago, which featured the Mac download only; physical copies of this software cost $30. It includes a free Federal e-file; state preparation and filing is additional. Offer ends January 20.

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From Google Reader: Hack breaks Hulu Plus free from supported device chains, embraces Androids of every shape and color

It’s not TV, it’s Hulu Plus and it’s coming to the Android device of your choosing — somewhat, unofficially. While the main ad-supported, streaming video site may have failed to seek refuge in the arms of a new owner last year, its subscription mobile offshoot is now finding a home in all Googlefied phones and tablets via a modified .apk created by XDA Developers member Vgeezy. But before you get all hot and bothered, keep in mind this jailbroken app stillrequires a subscription to work, although you won’t need root to install it. So, any users looking for a quick and illicit content fix will have to look elsewhere. For everyone else, there’s the source link below.


from Engadget