I’m a Believer in Neti pot

If you’ve known me for at least a few years, you know that I suffer yearly.  In a major way, I might add.  Twice a year, I am tempted to swear my head off thanks to the pollen allergies.  Each year seemed to get worse and I felt like just putting myself out of my own misery!  🙁  I first learned about the Neti pot last year.

However, I tried it too late when my sinus was already so inflamed that even Burger King wanted to make their flame-broiled burger on it!  >.<  So I let it rest but this year, I wanted to give it one more try.  You see, if you suffer from something for so long (in my case, 21 years) from something, and the pain just only gets worse, you practically will try anything!  I say ‘practically’ ’cause there’s one thing I kept refusing to:  needles.  Gives me the creeps to the nth degree!

This time, it seemed that I should try the Neti pot more than once a day.  So I started using it twice a day.  Let me tell you … that using Neti pot is like drowning yourself.  You fill your sinus cavity with salt water… it flows through one nostril though the sinus, around the eyes, and out the other nostril.  The only way to breathe while this goes on is by breathing through your mouth.  In short, it ain’t pleasant.  And if your nose is stuffed up, it is rather painful!

It was a tough week trying it out but I stuck to it this time around.  My nose and eyes were still inflamed.  However, the difference is that the sinus wasn’t.  Today, after 6 days of Neti pot, other than minor nose irritation, the day actually went fine.  I was rather busy at work even and usually, I am almost hands tied and can’t do anything work-wise.  Not today.  I was coherent and got through the day without much pain.  After 21 freakin’ years!!  Hallelujah!  😀  If the Neti pot holds up, I might even stop taking Allegra!  Let me just tell you, I am a believer.  If you have sinus pains, you need to check it out.

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  1. I tried it after you told me to, and it feels awesome to be able to breathe afterwards but my sinuses clog back up so quickly afterward. 🙁

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