Time to Learn… from the Russians

Yahoo News/Reuters Article

According to this article, Russian government forbade its own people to travel if they owed more than $100,000.  That’s so smart.  How come we don’t do it?!!  Other than a student loan and home mortgages, if you owe more than $100k in other areas, you shouldn’t be allowed to travel!

Now, I’m gonna go and hide as I’m sure I’m gonna make lots of people mad!  😛

4 Replies to “Time to Learn… from the Russians”

  1. I am sure that the Russians’ take on it is not perfect. But I think it’s worth at least a thought. It definitely should be applied to at the least to the business side of things…

    Like how Citi execs tried to buy a $50 million private jet with the $50 billion bailout money from the govt/our tax dollars??!! It’s the kind of greed that we have to try to curve, if not remove.

  2. That jet was ordered 3 years ago. Of course, it was not a Boeing but some French jet so that makes it even worse. 🙂

    Anyhow, I am sure there are plenty of other things we can learn from the Russian, comrade.

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