Father to Son Bonding Time Ritual

As some of you know, my wife is a leader at Bible Study Fellowship and once a month, they have a fellowship time.  This means I have to pick up our son and spend the time with him.  Well, somehow, we have made it into a bonding ritual of sorts.

You see, he knows AND expects me to take him to THE best pho place in town (quite possibly in the US!), Pho Binh.  We drive there and I get the large pho tai with extra noodles and meat and JJ gets a large with noodles only!  Let me tell you, we both enjoy it!  Immensely!  I now realize that he really looks forward to just the two of us (yeah, go ahead and sing that song from the Austin Powers) spending the time together.  When you have more than one child, I think it becomes very important to have one-on-one time with each child.

Sure it’s become a repetitive ritual but it’s a good kind of ritual.  He knows that I will be with him and we both get to enjoy our favorite meal!  Together!  Now, that means I need to make time to go to Anna’s lunch hour at her school and spend the time with her.

Here’s to more great rituals in the family!

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