I have my very first article published (even if it’s online!)

I came across this neat online magazine called “The Brew” thanks to Deborah. Well, I found out that it’s written by viewers a lot of times… and for the month of July, I found out that the theme was “Western” and since it has impacted me a great deal, I decided to submit an article! 😮

Here it is!! I’m honestly just giggly thinking that there’s some kind of article online with my name on it! 😀

Please give it a read and the magazine as well! Here’s my article!

5 Replies to “I have my very first article published (even if it’s online!)”

  1. Hmmm interesting that you compared yourself to the bad-arse gunfighters such as Clint Eastwood’s Man with No-Name and not the nerdy townsfolk or the dastardly villians. 🙂

    However, not to sound like some film critic or some english teach, but still I wonder about your thoughts – why do you think these western gun fighters that you mentioned were loners (notice I did not say lonely – being lonely and being a loner, if I spelled that right, are not the same thing)? Why do they seemed to be outsiders and have their own ways and rules?

    Me? I know my place in the world and I know that I am a run of the mill villager or the non-descript townsfolk. 😉

  2. First, I thought I made it clear that the loner aspect (and that is correct) is the ONLY thing I have in common with these badass shooters. They are mostly loners because they mostly chose to avoid people, do things on their own etc.

    I am sure that in FUNCTIONAL side of things, I am a non-descript townsfolk. 🙂

  3. are you sure? Aren’t you a wicked bass player in a band or something? 😛

    Just kidding…

    Anyway, hmm…was hoping for more elaborate answer to my question other than just a simple retort: they are loners since they want to be. 🙂

    I was more asking about why you think the director or the writer decided to make these guys in the spagetti western genre to have these guys be the loners and such. Or more generally, why in these genre does it almost seem to demand that the gunfighter be these lone wolf type of guys? Or some pseudo anti-hero type of guys?

  4. I think that Western genre started the “badass one man hero” type movies. In the end, this one-hero-that-defies-all is something most men dream about being ourselves. 🙂 I know I do.

    As for being a loner, more elaborate answer?! Dang, do you want me to write an essay? You sure you weren’t a teacher in a former life?! 😛 LOL… Most lone gunmen had some sort of traumatic background, incl. losing their loved one to violence or something, that they end up wanting to wander the world alone.

    Yes, it is by a choice, but it’s a reaction. They are also very unhappy with how the world has changed and want to change it themselves, taking the matter into their own hands.

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