Do I look like Kung Fu Panda?!

So I got a chance to speak with my sister-in-law (my wife’s brother’s wife) in Korea.  And she said that she watched the movie Kung Fu Panda recently.  Then she started chuckling and started to tell me how the Kung Fu Panda reminded her of me!  Me!  😮

Do I really look like Kung Fu Panda?  Anyway, she went on to say that the panda’s personality also resembled a lot like me.  I have yet to see the movie… so for those of you that have watched it, does the panda really remind you of me?!  Is the panda that ssul-lung?!  😛  I thought that was funny and wanted to share.

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  1. No, you look more like that monkey. I think I will check out that movie. It looks pretty good.

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