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So to include exercise and healthy habits into my life, I have decided to bike to work. This also helps in conserving little bit of gasoline as the prices are soaring still these days. When using Google Maps, it estimated my route to be about 5 miles each way.

Well, this wouldn’t be possible without a bike. Much thanks goes to Chung for lending me his awesome bike (rebuilt in the good ol’ Chung fashion) with new tires, brakes and chain! šŸ˜€ Both wheels can be removed. So after some purchases at local Academy store, I was set. I intentionally left bit earlier than normal to avoid my biggest nemesis: heat. I left at 7:30 am and it took me about 40 minutes to get to work. While that may sound slow, I do have a bag with me with a change of clothes.

Also thanks goes to Daniel for his tip on getting gloves ’cause otherwise, it would’ve been both my butt AND palms that hurt. My buttocks are still sore but I hope that they will be fine after a week or so. I will be leaving in about 15 minutes (5:30 pm local CST) to avoid heat. I’m starting at twice a week. In less than a month, I hope to increase it to 3 times a week.

The downside is that I can’t fit lunch into my messenger bag. I do have lunch bag but not sure if it would survive the bumpy ups and downs for 5 miles. Any tips from pros?! šŸ˜› Anyhow, this was only possible since my work place has shower facility! Yeah, Boeing! šŸ˜€ Here’s to safe ride back! Please, if you see bikers on the road (not motorcycles!), be kind and don’t honk and give us some freakin’ space!!

EDIT: Ok… I just got back… and I have to say… Houston is NOT biker-friendly!!Ā  I know Houston drivers in general are rough, let alone towards bikers.Ā  So at any given major intersections, I get off my bike and cross as a walker.Ā  HOWEVER, after pressing the button to walk across, I waited for not one, not two, but THREE cycles of traffic lights and the sucker wouldn’t change for a human to cross!!Ā  Listen, Texas DoT or whoever owns these lights… FIX your d*** traffic lights!!Ā  Where’s my freakin’ tax dollar going to, anyway?!! šŸ˜”

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  1. Good for you for going green. But you should just follow the car/biking laws and go when it’s green for traffic. Don’t walk your bike across like a scurrdy cat.

  2. I have been biking to work also. I stopped for about a week for various reasons but will resume again soon. I had to buy a new seat to replace the original factory one. The new one is a little softer and costs half as much as the bike ($30). I ride on the sidewalk when I can and it only takes 30 mintues to get here. I also pack my clothes in a backpack. Typically wear jeans on those days. Cool, glad to hear that you are riding in.

  3. I did not read any mention of a helmet – make sure you get one if you are riding in traffic a lot (riding in traffic scares me more than riding on the trail). Also as one of the commentor stated, make sure you follow traffic laws (oh and remember, you are not a pedestrian) and be courteous. Nothing like having a fight with a 4k lbs car to ruin your day.

    Oh couple of other things:
    – not sure what kind of bike you are riding, but if you really do plan on riding a lot, think of getting some slicks.
    – check your weather reports. I know some people that ride rain or shine, but I rather not be out in some Texas thunderstorm on my way back from work.

    Anyway, kinda envy some of the people that have facilities that allow people to bike if they want to. That is one thing that I miss from my Nike days – there were racks to park your bikes, showers and lockers (you need to provide your own locks) as well as the fact that I was about 5 miles from work.

  4. Good, I read something about gloves but not a helmet and thought that perhaps you were some of these macho dude type like the motorcyclists with no helmets. I hope to God that I am not around when one of those guys gets into an accident on the freeway. I shiver at the thought some guys head popping like a ripe watermelon when it hits the concrete a 65 mph….anyway, off topic….

    Also, I meant being courteous to drivers of cars. Remember, you are 150-200 lbs, the car is like 3000-4000 lbs.

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