Missing the Family…

Last time Soojin was in Korea, it was 5 years ago and Anna was just a year old.  However, I didn’t have that hard of a time… this time around, I was trying to distract myself by watching loads of movies and such… but it’s harder this time around…

Soojin is sick in Korea, and the kids are there too.  I called the kids one day… and found out that JJ was crying for daddy when his aunt was putting him to sleep.  That was such a major tear jerker!  🙁  With finding out how much of an awesome person Soojin is for reaching out for Christ even while being hospitalized, and I miss them so much.

At least I got to spend some quality time with Anna and JJ… they had such a blast walking around the city of Chonju… and eating loads of Korean cookies and popsicles.  🙂

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