IKEA, oh how I love to hate you!

So it’s the Black Friday… I wanted stay far away from the malls and stores…
But we have to eat still and so with the day off, I suggested that we go to Komart.  After having lunch with my good friend, Paul Minifee at Pho Binh, we started to head off in that direction.  Half way there, Soojin suggests a sneaky one… “We could stop by IKEA since it’s on the way…”  Oh how innocent are those suggestions, eh? 

Well, so we get there about 1 pm.  Soojin is all lost in the “presence” of IKEA.  This is the one store that she said that she could either work at or live at!!    As much as I do like some of their stuff and how ingenious some of their stuff are, I do hate them for few other reasons…

1.  It’s freakin’ huge!!    It took us nearly 3 hours to get through the store at “relatively fast” pace!!
2.  Sure they’ve got some great stuff for real cheap… but when you get 20 to 30 of such things, they still add up HUGE!! 
3.  Did I mention that it’s big??!! 

I am not good at shopping… so needless to say, after 3 hours there, I was exhausted!  Soojin did notice that I was about to crash so she felt a bit guilty… but still didn’t stop her!    And after 3 hours with the kids, they also began to get very cranky and  irritating and demanding after all that…  At least, JJ was well distracted with those blue arrows for him to keep searching for. 

Whew… I’m tired…  IKEA… How I love to hate you!

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