I hate driving in NYC

So while we are here in New Jersey, we decided to go to Flushing, NY, the “other” Korean town. 

There are two things I hate about driving in NYC… traffic and tolls!  It costs $6 to cross George Washington Bridge, and then $4.50 each way on Triboro Bridge for grand total of $15! 

Well, my father told me of Queensboro Bridge that has no toll!  But boy, was it a pain!  We had to get on Harlem River Dr., pass the Triboro Bridge exit, and continue on FDR Drive.  Get off at exit 12 to the 59th St. to get on the Queensboro Bridge.  Then fight through more traffic to get onto I-495 and then to I-678 north and then to get off at the Northern Blvd.  Now you are at the Flushing!  Whew!!  After much white hair developing from the torrentuous driving and very confusing roads, we were there!

Still, I don’t know how people do it in NYC… people are so much more rude on the road than in Texas… even compared to Houstonians!!    We went to several Korean bookstores for the kids’ educational purposes… and Korean bakery, and ate late lunch at ??? (Keum Kang Mountain) Restaurant.  So so food…

Driving back wasn’t so hard… just tested more of my patience with more traffic and more rude people!  Maybe I won’t come back from Texas anymore!! 

Merry Christmas

Well, so it is Christmas, is that right?
Are the stars still so bright?
Or are you caught up in the shananigans?
Or are you hanging around with the hooligans?
Is it all about buying the presents and malls?
Is it time to go back to Kohl’s?
What is this Christmas anyway?
It’s about Someone who gave His Son away.
Don’t let the bargains and deals spoil it.
Remember that it’s Christ that gives us the Spirit.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Let’s keep praying for the Good One.

May Day!! May Day!!

As wonderful as my kids are, they can be, and are, very taxing…
Here’s the rundown of my past 24 hours…

1. To relieve Soojin’s sleep deprivation, I slept with the kids and JJ woke up TWICE through the night crying for mommy.  Had to keep telling him to just sleep and leagve mommy alone so she can rest. 

2. Had to drive the family up to good ol’ Citizenship and Immigration Service building in north Houston through the treacherous downpour.

3. After working for few hours, I came home to two kids who soon managed to infuriate mom by making the Christmas tree fall down.

4. Even after the severe punishment of time out, we went to local Clear Lake United Methodist Church’s nativity presentation.  As good as that was, the smell and the indoor and heat made me dizzy.

5. After coming home, Anna and JJ still did not listen to me and I lost it.  I told them that I won’t play with them ’cause I’m mad.  I’m so tired and worn out…

Anyone wanna drop by and watch the kids for me so I can veg out or something?!!  May day… may day! 

Conversation of the Week

So I was playing with my kids yesterday evening and they wanted to go inside the room and pretend no one’s inside… here’s the rundown of the conversation with JJ at the door…

Me:  Knock, knock.
JJ:  Nobody here.
Me: Nobody who?
JJ:  JJ.

LOL…  I cracked up… kids say the cutest things… half the time. 

Body of CNET editor, James Kim, found…

This is sad news on more than one ground…

James Kim is an editor for CNET.com and a father of two.  This is sad for more than one reason…

1. He’s a rare Korean-American in a field that is rarely occupied so visibly online.

2. He’s a father of two children leaving behind also his wife.

His family was stranded in rural Oregon and after several days in the car, he went out to search for help.  Help came for the family who stayed in the car, but he never returned and was found dead today.    This hits home more so because I would’ve done the same to seek help for my family if we were stranded so… 

My prayers go out to the surviving family…  please pray for the family.    James died being a hero to his family, doing his very best to the end to save his family… brings me to tears… 

Seeing a good friend is good for the soul

So I got to see one of my best friends of all time…  Paul Minifee is a friend that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.  I first met him through David Lee in UT back in ’96!    He’s been an awesome friend and brother in Christ to have…  we’ve both gone through some rough times and it’s always good to know that you got a friend when in need… “You got a friend in me” comes to mind…  (from Toy Story). 

Now, he’s a professor at San Diego State University!!  Times sure change… While he was down here, we always do one thing… eat THE best pho in US!  Pho Binh!  Here’s to you buddy!