I hate driving in NYC

So while we are here in New Jersey, we decided to go to Flushing, NY, the “other” Korean town. 

There are two things I hate about driving in NYC… traffic and tolls!  It costs $6 to cross George Washington Bridge, and then $4.50 each way on Triboro Bridge for grand total of $15! 

Well, my father told me of Queensboro Bridge that has no toll!  But boy, was it a pain!  We had to get on Harlem River Dr., pass the Triboro Bridge exit, and continue on FDR Drive.  Get off at exit 12 to the 59th St. to get on the Queensboro Bridge.  Then fight through more traffic to get onto I-495 and then to I-678 north and then to get off at the Northern Blvd.  Now you are at the Flushing!  Whew!!  After much white hair developing from the torrentuous driving and very confusing roads, we were there!

Still, I don’t know how people do it in NYC… people are so much more rude on the road than in Texas… even compared to Houstonians!!    We went to several Korean bookstores for the kids’ educational purposes… and Korean bakery, and ate late lunch at ??? (Keum Kang Mountain) Restaurant.  So so food…

Driving back wasn’t so hard… just tested more of my patience with more traffic and more rude people!  Maybe I won’t come back from Texas anymore!! 

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