May Day!! May Day!!

As wonderful as my kids are, they can be, and are, very taxing…
Here’s the rundown of my past 24 hours…

1. To relieve Soojin’s sleep deprivation, I slept with the kids and JJ woke up TWICE through the night crying for mommy.  Had to keep telling him to just sleep and leagve mommy alone so she can rest. 

2. Had to drive the family up to good ol’ Citizenship and Immigration Service building in north Houston through the treacherous downpour.

3. After working for few hours, I came home to two kids who soon managed to infuriate mom by making the Christmas tree fall down.

4. Even after the severe punishment of time out, we went to local Clear Lake United Methodist Church’s nativity presentation.  As good as that was, the smell and the indoor and heat made me dizzy.

5. After coming home, Anna and JJ still did not listen to me and I lost it.  I told them that I won’t play with them ’cause I’m mad.  I’m so tired and worn out…

Anyone wanna drop by and watch the kids for me so I can veg out or something?!!  May day… may day! 

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