Two Woes in (less than) Two Days!

Woe #1

NTB is da suck!    My wife’s beloved Lincoln Continental has been worsening in the alignment arena.  With Houston’s roads being one of the worst in the country, it’s no surprise, and as an “investment”, I got the 3-year-warranty version of NTB’s wheel alignment.  I was with kids near church then (two weeks ago or so) and decided to pop in by the NTB at I-610 and Richmond.  After nearly 2 hours of wait, it’s done.

However, on my drive home, I noticed it’s the same!  So I got annoyed and told my wife to take it to NTB near our home (nearHwy 3 and on Bay Area Blvd).  They say they found few more issues so after another freakin’ $124, they STILL couldn’t fix it and said that it’s likely a frame damage!   

My beloved regular mechanic, Ash (of Ash Automotive on Hwy 3 near Pineloch) has been very popular lately so it’s been very hard to get him to see our cars.  Which is why I took it to NTB in the first place!  I tell Ash the story.  He’s very nice and knowledgeable Indian mechanic, by the way, and has never wronged me!  I had to schedule around HIS schedule but no matter, as I was now desperate!  After few hours, I asked him if it was frame or air suspension (Lincolns still use air suspension).  Neither.  He just redid the alignment and it was fixed!     Why am I mad, you ask?!  ‘Cause that meant that my $250+ I spent at the stupid national chain of NTB did squat!  That’s why!  Those people don’t know how to align wheels evidently!   Now, I am going to have to try to get my money back on their worthless service!!

Woe #2

It started again last night as my data HDD started to act up.  It made my CS:S sessions near to crawl!  I left it defragging the HDD last night only to wake up to frozne computer!  So I restart and noticed the same SATA HDD acting up and freezing again!    So I started to back up all the data (incl. the unedited movies of Pathways New Orleans mission trip!!).  After hours of backing up data, I turned the computer off, disconnected the problematic drive and turned it back on but now video is acting up!    Oh, I am mad!  This is not a good week thus far!!

End Result

So what do we learn?  NTB is da suck!  And HDD is da suck!! 

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