In the spirit of “End the Hatred”

I recently watched another thought-provoking movie, and it’s called Joyeux Noël, a movie about World War I in the year of 1914.  The significance of this is that it was a first of its kind:  trench warfare.  It did an unimaginable mental damage to the soldiers, more than anyone ever thought to know.  Constant ear deafening bombing raids from the shells, and just raising your head above the trenches guaranteed  a headshot.

Enter the three countries: Scotland, France, and the Germans.  In the heat of the battle, and amidst series of God-given situations, the three come to a temporary truce on the eve of Christmas.  How symbolic.  They begin sharing more than just that, as they share food and drink, songs and music.  The three squadron leaders of each country develop a bond that surpasses the horrors of the war.  Though it comes to a sad and abrupt ending, I left with a warm feeling that hatred can be defeated… just as these soldiers did on the Eve of Christ’s birth.  I was very moved to find that the three countries’ soldiers didn’t let a war divide them and let hatred overflow in them.  Rather, they embraced the differences.

I can only pray that we could do the very same.  End the Hatred!  Stop it now.  In me.  In you.  In those around us, both near and far.

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